One of the core values of ROGA, USA is to give back to the school which provided a solid foundation to who we all are today.

The first project embarked upon by the association is the tiling of the Library floor. The project was completed in early December, 2010. Additionally, the floor was raised by 6″ to prevent flooding and further damage to the floor. The cost of this project to the association was approximately $3,000. All members, students and staff of school were delighted at the completion of the project. The completion of the project paved the way for ROGA, UK to send computers to the school.

There are other significant projects in the pipeline for ROGA, USA to be involved in; for example, adequate drainage for entire school, books for library, re-building of dilapidated lab/chapel, sponsorship of indigent students, etc.

We are indeed grateful to our esteemed sponsors/partners for their continued support and contribution in achieving our desired goals for the school.