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As alumnae of Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary School, Lagos; it is our number one passion to give back as we’ve been taught. The school’s motto is “Love One Another”; we can only demonstrate this love by looking back and reaching out in as many ways as possible to give the girls the chance of a lifetime and to make their learning experience a holistic one. 

Some of the proposed projects that will directly impact the girl’s lives are:

  • Changing the entire Louvers of the senior students building
  • Funding for Anita Roper Scholarship

Your giving not only enables us to complete these projects and others, it helps to build hope in the hearts of the girls and to sustain a global standard for a learning experience. May God bless you and replenish your pockets as you give.

As a member, you must commit to our fundraising goals for this event—in order to pursue our projects back in Lagos, Nigeria. Thus, you are encouraged to raise $500 (five hundred dollars) from at least 5 different people (family, friends and professional/business colleagues). 

We have provided you with a simple tool that you can send to your friends and family to solicit for their support. Click on SEND eCARD below to access the tool.

Be sure to remind your donors to indicate your name in the “Make this Donation In Support of” Section of the donation form so we can associate the donation with your name.

ROGA USA IS a 501 (C) (3) organization and donations are fully tax deductible.